Clinical Trials

STRIVE Trial for Prostate Cancer

  • Is your PSA rising?

  • Does your cancer remain in the prostate or has it spread beyond?

  • Is your cancer causing you no or little pain? 

You may qualify for the STRIVE prostate cancer trial.  The STRIVE clinical trial is a Phase 2 clinical research trial that will include about 400 participants.  The trial will test the effects of an oral investigational drug call enzalutamide in men with prostate cancer that continues to progress despite hormonal therapy.  The purpose of the STRIVE clinical trial is to compare how well enzalutamide as compared to bicalutamide may slow progression of the disease for men with prostate cancer. 

Desert Springs Cancer Care is now enrolling for this trial.  If you think this trial may be right for you, please call our office at 480-585-4673 to set up an appointment.